Sunday, January 4, 2009

Day 4 Build it and they will come

I always thought that 40 days and nights was the duration of the Flood, but it turns out that its more like a year than 6 weeks, when all the time frames are added up.

Also the day the ark was finished was the day the flood began. God told Noah he was going to destroy the earth but not how that was going to happen, Noah lived about 100 miles into the desert and probably never seen the sea, never mind a boat. Not only was the ark to be built, but food had to be gathered for them and the animals I can see Mrs Noah wondering about the menu and groceries! Did Noah wonder how to gather all the animals and birds?
I wonder how I would have managed the stress of it all, thinking that it was all for me to do...but God had the animals come to Noah, there is a picture of peace and order that only God could orchestrate. All got done in the allotted time. And who would close the door to the Ark? God was their protection, and he done it.

When I don't have all the pieces worked out in life or can see the way ahead, I remember Noah he had been given a task and he done it and God done his part.


  1. I agree with you. I find I battle over the temptation to try to accomplish things for God and forget the outcome belongs to him. God required Noah to build the ark and gather the food but to rely on God to bring the animals.

    When I feel God is directing me to do something, I tend to feel guilty if I don't see spiritual results, forgetting that my only responsibility is to obey. His is to produce the fruit.

  2. Gen 12:11 I know that you are a beautiful woman to look upon.
    Hey that's saying a lot to your wife when whe's sixty_five years old. Abraham lived to be over one hundred and sixty. So at sixty -five your'e really not that old yet in those times
    v-12:12 Therefore when it came to pass, when the Egyptians will see you, they will say, this is his wife: and they will kill me, and keep you alive
    v-12:13 I pray that you'll tell them that you are my sister: that it might be well with me for thy sake: and my soul shall live because of thee. "Would not brag on that prayer"
    Abraham a man of faith that is what the word says Heb 11: 8-19
    Hey this is our great man of faith, Abraham you see even great men of faith have there weaknesses and their moment's now that encourages me for some silly reason because I also have my moment of weaknesses, but I have the concept that when I get weak, God says "All right, thats it, you had your chance" You know wipe out, but not so God continued to honor Abraham. God doesn't use perfect people because they don't exist. So don't worry that youre not perfect. God used Abraham though he had lapes of faith, just like we have our lapes of faith. Diana