Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Day 28 Posessions in the Kingdom

Matt 19:16-30The rich ruler shows us that it's not what we lack that keeps us out of having eternal life, but it's what we do have that keeps us out of the kingdom.


  1. good point. I also thought it was interesting that the young man asked which commandments he needed to follow. The fact that he thought God's commandments were optional kind of revealed his heart as well.
    Shirley Fay

  2. As we are beginning in Job, and the scripture you mentioned in Matt. 19:16-30 Siobhan, and your response Shirley. I know Im probable thinking outside the box a little. Im thinking of Job's friends they had to be the first Pharisee's. An appearance of correct theology without God mindedness. Correct in theology and in the outward appearance and behavior, but actually is a distortion of God's truth of what righteousness truly is. I know my brain is stretching, but it did enter my thoughts of how people view what they feel righteousness is.

  3. You've hit the 'nail on the head" as they say, Diana. The outward appearance doesn't always give the full story. As disciples we are to be concerned only that God has our whole heart and be satisfied that he may be the only one who is interested in the full story. Siobhan