Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Day 12 Proverbs 1

Today completed the first chapter of Proverbs. I love Proverbs. There is so much to think about and learn. It opens with stating the standard of living a wise life. We all want to be wise but we don't always want the work that has to go into making it happen. Eve wanted to be wise the quick way and we know where that got us all!
The verbs used to describe active wisdom are understanding words of insight, acquiring a disciplined and prudent life, doing what is right just and fair, giving prudence to the simple... I am sure we can add to this list as we read further.
Wisdom instructs:
In the v20-33 section we see that wisdom calls out instruction every where in the street, market place. There are lots of opportunity to learn and become wise. if we ignore advice and knowledge we become ignorant and the consequences of our "simple-minded" ways overtake us. A life of Ease has to be Learnt, then Earnt!
Folly entices:
Lets compare the voice of Folly Chapter 9 V10-18 Her voice is also heard, as she is loud but her voice is the call to enticement not instruction. Her voice is heard as she sits from her door and one needs to pass by on purpose to hear her voice. She specifically calls to the simple, to those who lean towards deceit, decadence, and secrecy. This picture of folly reminds me of walking through the Red Light District of Amsterdam. It was a sorry sight.

I read a book last year that revolutionized my understanding of Proverbs. It was Bold Love by: Dan B. Allender Phd. you can get a used copy for about $6 via amazon.com. If you get your hands on it. It is a keeper.


  1. You are right there are many places to learn wisdom and to practice it. Every situation we are in requires wisdom from God. The more we learn to depend on him, the more stumbling blocks we avoid. It also reminds me that God uses others to teach us wisdom. (i.e. I learn how to write a resume from professionals, or learn how to teach through study).

    Note: If you ever get to hear Dr. Allendar speak, don't pass up the opportunity. His public speaking engargemenet are even more enthralling than his books.

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    Shirley Fay

  3. I like this proverb Siobhan, and I agree with you Siobhan and Shirley. On the many places where we can find Wisdom. God's word, Godly friend's also listerning for God's voice. It is a foolish decision to think more highly of our own wisdom and desires than of Gods. I so appreciate my sisters in the Lord who seem to fill in area's of lack of wisdom in area's in my life Diana

  4. John’s Doubts (Matthew 11:2-15
    Eventually news of Jesus’ raising of the widow’s son reached the ears of John, who was in prison. John sent his disciples to Jesus to ask, “Are you the coming one, or do we look for another?
    It seems to be a strange question coming from the man who prepared the way for Christ and declared him to be the Messiah at his baptism. This show’s that John had his weaknesses also. we must remind ourselves that other prophets had their moments of doubt. Moses had to be convinced to go and free the Israelites (Exodus 4:1-17). Gideon asked for two miracles before he lead God’s people to war (Judges 6:36-40). Elijah gave up after Jezebel threatened his life (I Kings 19:1-10). Jeremiah cursed the day he was born (Jeremiah 20:14-18). John has been in prison for quite a while now. Maybe he thought, as did so many Jews, that Jesus would lead Israel in triumph against the Romans. And no apparent rescue of John from this sad imprisonment. Yet in all this time, Jesus hasn’t declared himself, nor has there been any apparent move to re-establish the kingdom of Israel. Is it a wonder that John began to doubt himself?
    Jesus didn’t answer John’s disciples directly. Instead during that very hour that they asked, he performed numerous miracles before the disciples of John. Afterwards he told them to return to John and tell them what they witnessed. His reply back to John echoes the words of Isaiah 35:5-6 and Isaiah 61:1, but the hidden message is found in the verse before. “Say to those who are fearful-hearted” Be strong, do not fear! Behold, your God will come with vengeance, with the recompense of God: He will come and save you” ( Isaiah 35:4). Jesus was telling John to take courage. Jesus warns John not to fall away because Jesus was not meeting John’s personal expectations. How many times have we been disappointed because of personal expectations, circumstances that do not seem fair and that we have aloud to grow into discouragement. We do have a choice to decide that what’s happened the Lord has aloud and we need to trust Him. Give our disappointments to Him through trust in. He never abandons us and live in His power and not let it go into discouragement which is not a life of faith and trusting Love. After saying this He awesomely praised John. Diana