Thursday, January 29, 2009

Day 29 The Privilege of Work

Matt 20 The parable of the workers of the vineyard.
Does it surprise that Jesus uses a vineyard as the picture of Heaven rather than an orchestra, with us all playing harps?

Here are the people who are available for work - a 12hour shift. Some get hired straight away, others have to wait 3,6,9 and 11 hours before getting hired. God choses us for work when He needs us, we are responsible to turn up and wait. I can't imaging waiting 11 hours, how many of us would give up or feel dejected because we weren't the first to be picked but left to the last. Just think of the time when people picked teams at school and all the popular kids got picked before you, and some even begrudged having you on their team. Now fast forward that to 20 years with a family to provide for. Their commitment to be in the marketplace where they could be chosen was commendable.
Here are a few questions to chew on.
Which side of the marketplace are we on?
Does it color our view of others?
If our service has been long and others receive the same reward/compensation for doing less, how do we feel toward them?

I heard a sermon that "They who wait, also serve", it gives me perspective as I wait in the market place. Siobhan


  1. The important thing to think on is the Lord sends His laborers into the vineyard. They did not go in their own accord. And because the were sent of God, they each one received from the Lord the same portion.
    Sometimes on their deathbed people except the Lord, I have members in my family who I pray for who are elderly and it would be a blessing for me if they would except the Lord. I work sometimes in hospice situations and it is a gift from the Lord for me to simply be a presence in the room to pray that they might be drawn by the Holy Spirit of God to bring them into His kingdom. Will their rewards be the same as mine. Yes I know this all Christians know this fact. However the gift of walking with the Lord and Loving Him is a immeasurable gift to my life here and know. A treasure of the greatest price Diana

  2. Siobhan, I liked your questions. It also reminded me to pray for you to get the job you desire.

    Your comments also reminded me of my waiting to minister. I have a friend who must turn down opprotunities to minister because she can't possibly fill them all. I have struggled with feelings of envy and wondered if about my own affectiveness. It is true that God chooses if and when to use us. I remind myself I am only required to be ready and not envy those he chooses.

    Your opening question also sparked a thought. I know God said we will rule and reign with him and have long been convinced that we will have responsibilities during eternal life. But I had not made the connection between this parable and that truth. I had only related it to the rewards (i.e all who are saved get to enjoy heaven with God). I did not think about it as further varification of reponsibilities in heaven.

    This is a bit long, sorry, but... I wanted to comment on the Job passage too. I kind of liked Job's sarcastic response to Zophar "No doubt you are the people and wisdom will die with you." Haven't you ever wanted to say something like that to a know it all. I wonder how many people would have liked to say it to me. (hopefully not too many).

    I was also encouraged by Job's words that God orchestrates the suffering and the victories (Job 12:9-17). He also makes the point that health and wealth are not signs of righteousness (Job 12:6,15) therefore affliction also is not a sign of unrigteousness as Job's friends wanted to conclude.

  3. Shirley today Job pretty much called them wind bags.LOL 16: 1-3 miserable comforters are you all! v 3 Will your long winded speeches never end? I was thinking of what you wrote yesterday it also fits in the scripture today. Diana