Sunday, January 25, 2009

Day 25 Blessings on our future generations

Gen 49 the blessings to our children.
I wonder what we would say to our children on our death bed?
Would it match what we say to them daily?

When Lisa had the blessing evening for Caleb, it made me think about what I would pray into my sons life on a daily basis. Now I need to get serious about it and I am putting together a set of paragraphs around my three, does anyone want to do a project like that with their children/grandchildren in mind? We can share this off the blog. It would be fun.


  1. You have my attention Siobhan, I would very much like to be involved praying for my children and grandchildren's lives. I do but not on a regular basis which I should be doing it is nessesary and important.I agree this would be a blessing and encouraging Diana

  2. This is interesting why did Jacob want to be buried next to Leah instead of Rachel?

    So this is his dying act: this pronouncement of the future of his sons. And then even as he had told Joseph, "Swear to me you'll bury me not in Egypt but back in my own land", and Joseph sworn. Now he's demanding the same thing from his sons. "Now, look, bury me back there in the cave that Abraham bought, where I buried Leah. I want to be buried by her. Put me back there." It is interesting that the love that he had for Rachel, that he didn't desire to be buried in the tomb of Rachel that still existed near Bethlehem. "But bury me next to Leah actually there in the cave of Machpelah." Diana

  3. It may be more to do with being buried with Abraham and Isaac than with Leah. Leah died first and as Rachael's death was untimely and on the road to Bethlehem. Also, marriages can be funny things, so who knows the changes that happen along the way. Siobhan

  4. Hum just a thought in my brain occured. Leah was the mother of Judah. He founded the Royal tribe that gave Israel their kings, and who ultamately brought Jesus Christ into the world. Oh maybe nothing can't figure God out.Won't even attempt at going in that direction, just a thought to share.