Saturday, January 24, 2009

Day 24 Slavery/Servitude begins in Egypt

Gen 47:13ff It is interesting that the Egyptians were Pharaoh's slaves before the Israelites were. They sold their animals first, then their land and themselves for grain, they had livestock but they probably couldn't feed the animals without grain.
Here's a random thought....How often do we sell ourselves for carbs when there is plenty of protein around! Eating a slice of cake or a cookie when we really need a healthy meal.

It seems like the land of Goshen was excluded Verse 27 "the Israelites acquired land and were fruitful and increased in numbers". We know that shepherds were seen as detestable in the Egyptians sight, so maybe this prejudice kept them under the radar in times of famine. They seemed to live more peaceful lives than the Egyptians. The seemingly powerful ones often have the most turmoil in life. Siobhan


  1. Yes I agree that they were blessed more in their humble shepard ways all though their was a strong prejudice from the Egyptians the Christian life to the world seems stange and not enviting to those who seek fame and fortune and we seek the humility of the Lord and His peace. Everyone has a metaphor to describe life- a battle,a race, a adventure. Jacob's metaphor was that of a pilgrimage. The patriarchs were pilgrims and strangers on the earth. Heb 11:13-16,but so are all of God's children. This world is not our home. Our time here is brief and temporary, and we're eagerly looking for our permanent home, the city of God in heaven. Just as the Children of Isael were bound for the Land of Cannan we are bound for Glory. Diana

  2. A Pilgrimage, I like it. Siobhan