Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Day 20 Inauguration Day - the shadows of preparation.

Gen 40 Joseph certainly knew the back side of Pharaohs court as well as the throne room. When we look on this new era at the beginning of our new presidency we can look upon the triumph of the day through the lives that were forged in the heat of hardship, faithful people who gave voice to those who couldn't be heard.

Whether people are the flavor of the day or not is off no concern to YHWH, he remains with those who remain with him as they act in righteousness. Joseph's faithfulness and service to others eventually paid off. From looking after prisoners to planning the future provisions of a nation - what a transition. What a triumph! But that was only the beginning of the story...Siobhan


  1. I believe his fruitfullness Gal. 5:22 was effective at a young age, not so much like the rest of us who have taken on past offenses and held on to them and our Christian witness had been affected by this attitude.It's a wonderful thing when we can come through past hurts and rejoicing in present blessing. being "forgetful" and "fruitfull"at the same time. What a tragedy when people remember the painful things others have done to them,and all their lives carry bitterness that robes them of peace and joy. Just like Joseph laid aside the old hurts and made new beginnings we likewise need to do.Put on a new attitude of faith and love Eph. 4:20-32

  2. Serving in the "ministry of reconciliation"
    (2 Cor 5:18) is the key to our being effective disciples. You're right, bitterness binds and blinds us if we hold onto it. Siobhan

  3. It also strikes me that God's man had to wait for the other pieces of the puzzle to come together. Joseph had no idea what God was doing beind the scenes with his brothers, his father, the land of Egypt and what the future purpose of God in all this was. He had to wait and trust.

    It is always good for me to remember this. More often than not I don't understand the slow moving of God's hand. I continue to lear to trust though.
    Shirley Fay

  4. Verse 41:50-53 Joseph names his sons, first born Manasseh which means "forgetting" he said because God made me forget all my trouble and his secound son Ephraim and said, It is because God has mae me fruitful in the land of my suffering." Joseph did not forget his family or the events that occurred, but he did forget the pain and suffering that they caused, When we put our love and trust in YHWH He faithfully heals our hearts so we can produce His fruit for His will. Diana