Sunday, January 11, 2009

Day 11 Business of MatchMaker

If we were asked to by our employer to assist in matchmaking and that we would be led by God to be successful, what would our response be? What if our employer needed to seal the request by putting our hand under their thigh! It's all a little bit non-standard to put it mildly.

The chief servant in those days, was an agent of the master of the household so they had alot of responsibility and respect. Notice that he made sure he understood the mission, what the options were in finding a wife (specifically, not to get a wife from the Canaanite nations around them) duration of the mission and the limitations of his responsibility. Today, its still a good employee who knows their roles and the limits to their responsibilities and authority.

The servant was diligent in his mission and knew that his masters success was the focus of the mission v12.
He was very open in his communications with Rebekeh's family. Laban is quick to tell the servant that it was he who has prepared the house and a place for the camels. It looks like he needs the attention and the stranger to think well of him. When we are around people who have that trait, it always seems a little strange interaction. When we see what Laban is really like later we can see this initial contact as a red flag to much deeper character flaws.

It is interesting to note that Rebekah's family is referred to as her mother's household even though Bethuel the Dad is alive. V50 we see that its Laban anad Bethuel who take the lead in negotiations for Rebekah, then in v 53 gifts are given to the brother and mother in v 55 the mother and brother change the plans, with no mention of Bethuel.
I wonder if the roles and resonsibilities in the family were as clearly laid out as they
were in Abrahams household, and whether this had a bearing on the character of Laban as he grew up. Siobhan


  1. Seems some family disfuntion's wheres dad?here I agree, how many of us come from disfuntional families and the Lord still has a mission for all of our lives,
    Something I was thinking on was the servant and his prayer and faith.
    Gen 24:12-14 He prayed send me in good speed and show kindness and he is sort of setting up a fleece with God in a manner of speaking. ‘ Lord I don’t know where she is You know the one who is picked , Kind of lets make a deal. when the girl’s come out to draw water, I’ll go to them and I’ll say “ give me a drink” Now if one gives me a drink” and will respond to me and say” and while I’m at it I will water all your camel’s also. Which is way above and beyond what anyone could expect. Let that be the one you have chosen. Let that be the sign. And here she comes first stop beautiful and with a servants heart as well.
    When this all came about the servant must have been elated above imagination,surely praise is appropriate Everything fit. And his first stop also. To truly know you are walking in a situation that the Lord is directing is awesome for sure. My theory is through Abraham’s example this man was a man who believe in asking and receiving faith as well as faithful. His only motivation was to be obedient and trusting God for the outcome. That is a good motivational requirement to get your prayers answered. Diana

  2. Hi Dianna, I like your theory of Abraham setting the example of faith for the servant. Like the songs says, Trust and Obey! Siobhan

  3. I thought that was a good point as well. Hebrews describes Abraham as an obedient servant who served as a testamoney to what was to come (Heb 3:5).