Monday, February 9, 2009

Day 39 Moses a man with a Mission

As we read about Moses and how his life is in 40yr segments, It made me think of how my life would look like.

Moses had the 1st 40yrs, being rescued by a princess (then it goes downhill from there) and finding his own feet and voice. I wonder when he found out that he was a Hebrew?
2nd 40 flees a murder scene and is a fugitive in Midian. He transitions from being Egyptian royalty to Hebrew shepherd.
3rd 40 yrs leading a motley rebellious group through a desert, establishing a public health and sanitation system, religious social system, judicial system and after all that, has to wait thousands of years to go into the promised land, (along with Elijah, visiting with Jesus on the mount of transfiguration) I am sure I left out something...
It make me think of what YHWH can do with any of us.

What does our next 40yrs look like from where we are today?
In 40 years time I will be 87 AAGH....Moses life mission was just beginning at that age! Siobhan


  1. You feel like that is bad. In forty years I will be 97 (more likely in heaven). I'll be waiting for you there. :-)

    I started out as a pastor's kid. Then became a pastor's wife. Then became a divorcee. Then became an abandoned mother. Then became a pastoral counselor.

    Through the dark times, God taught me trust, and humility. I learned his faithfullness first hand. I would not be alive without him. And if for some reasons I had survived, I would have been a bitter angry woman.

    He has changed my heart and given me a heavy portion of his Grace. I am so grateful.

    Shirley Fay

  2. I think I have you all I will be 102 yrs old I will be waiting to see you girls at the gate. It is a unfortunate confession, I was saved when I was a child, but not raised in a Godly home eventually tried to fill my hungry soul with what the world had to offer. The Lord always kept drawing me back. I would find a church for awhile and then give up. Then not long into my forties the Lord drew me back again and I had a truly I have made a mess of my life experience what ever I have left Lord use me experience and it has been a walk in growing closer daily since. How sad we don't do this sooner what is it with the forty year thing with so many of us? Diana