Saturday, February 7, 2009

Day 36 Elihu prepares the way for YHWH to speak

Here is a URL for an outline of Job
I think this will help us as we move along out of Job.

Here is a paragraph from the summary.
"The bulk of Elihu's speech focuses on the justice of God, which
Elihu feels Job has maligned. Elihu charges Job with adding to his sin
by multiplying words against God without knowledge (34:1-35:36). He
concludes his speech with an effort to speak on God's behalf and by
ascribing righteousness to the Almighty. This he does by reviewing
God's justice and majesty. The former as seen in His dealings with
man, the latter as seen in His dealings in nature. With an admonition
for Job to stand still and consider the wondrous works of God, Elihu
seems to be preparing Job for what is about to follow (36:1-37:24)".

There's so much that can't be addressed in a blog, but there's always next year and a years worth of walking with God in between to help us understand scripture :)


  1. You are right that there is so much to say. I have to choose what to contribute. It is different than interacting in person. But it is still good.

    I am not completely settled concerning Elihu. Thought God does not mention him as one of the ones that needs to repent, God does start his conversation with Job after Elihu's speech by saying, "Who is this that darkens counsel by words wtithout knowledge?" (NKJ).

    Maybe it is not so much that Elijhu sinned, but that he is naive and needs time to mature.

    Shirley Fay

  2. I was thinking that Elihu's age was the thing that kept him from being included in the address to the other friends. YHWH address the oldest one Eliphaz by name, I presume because he was oldest and therefore should have been able to give deeper counsel to Job. I wouldn't be too confident in someone bringing a word of wisdom that shoots off about seeing a vision having a "form" tell him what's the matter with Job or even undermines another's character. BTW I truly believe God does give us dreams to prepare us, warn us and show us our propensity for sin. Siobhan