Saturday, April 4, 2009

Day 92 Camping with YHWH

Numbers 33 YHWH likes to keeps records, but he uses people to do the writting!
Moses and the commandments, though God wrote the first set and then Moses had to write the next set after he let the first set fall.

Now a record of all the places the Israelites is written and some have highlights attached. Leaving Egypt while others buried their first born child must have been difficult to do. Death and destruction in others lives may not be for us to linger with ...especially if its because of God bringing judgment on their belief system, be it stock markets or the stars.

What strikes me is there is no record of what God did; giving the 10 commandments, the "appearance" of the golden calf or the parting the Red sea, bringing water from the rock...

Maybe we don't have to record everything on paper but each place has it's own memories. I have a set of memories for each place I have stayed in my life, the names of people, the interactions, lessons learned along the way.

Maybe this weekend, it would be good to list our places of travel and remember the places and people on the parchment of our heart.

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