Monday, March 2, 2009

Day 61 Fellowship offering

Lev 7 Fellowship (Shalom) offering:Rules of Engagement.
This offering is marked with Thankfulness, Promise keeping, Food Safety and Nutrition principles.
v 16 When we make a vow or a freewill offering it is to eaten that same day. I see that in terms we are not to procrastinate.

v 22 Food Safety and Nutrition: No fat or blood.
We can use the fat but not ingest it. Isn't that what we are now advocating in the 21st century? No blood products in our food. In Ireland, we have white and black pudding to accompany fry-up aka "heart attack specials"

v32 "right thigh of fellowship to the priest as a contribution"
The right thigh was an integral part of covenant making in ancient times.
See Genesis 47:29 Jacob with Joseph when he is dying.

Shalom literally means "nothing missing and nothing broken"
It will be interesting to work through these areas in my life in the upcoming months.

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