Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Day 336 Path of Disgrace

Proverbs:15 A rod and a reprimand impart wisdom, but children left to themselves disgrace their mother.

What a neat "parenthood" comment.
It tells us how to impart wisdom and what the consequences are for the parent.

I think of Eli and how God judged him for not reprimanding his sons.
1Sam 13 For I told him that I would judge his family forever because of the sin he knew about; his sons made themselves contemptible, and he failed to restrain them.

Samuel also didn't have a good role model of parenthood and his sons turned out much like Eli's.
1 Samuel 8: When Samuel grew old, he appointed his sons as judges for Israel. 2 The name of his firstborn was Joel and the name of his second was Abijah, and they served at Beersheba. 3 But his sons did not walk in his ways. They turned aside after dishonest gain and accepted bribes and perverted justice.

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  1. I imagine you don't watch much television, but there is a program called "Super Nanny". It features parents who do not discipline their children consistently and the outcome is disasterous. The nanny comes to the home and explains the need for discipline.

    It is good God also disciplines us, though I never realish it at the time.

    Shirley Fay