Sunday, December 27, 2009

Day 361 Nehemiah Disgruntled with Same o, same o

The old testament readings end with Nehemiah, and his struggle to rebuild the temple, get the clergy and the people living in line with the holy traditions and scriptures of the past.

He returns and finds that the initial fervency has waned somewhat and the people returned to error of their former ways.

The past can be a good tutor but it can only be as good as those willing to pay attention and learn the lesson and hope to learn it - once!

Here are a few questions I found on the web to make the most out of adversity and use it to our long term benefit.

"In what ways have I dealt with adversity that were effective and ineffective?

How have my ways of dealing with adversity affected other people and me?

Have I accepted responsibility javascript:void(0)for my life's circumstances and the times that my actions have resulted in adversity?

What have my adversities taught me about my honesty, integrity, sense of personal responsibility, and my faith in other people and myself?

What have my adversities taught me about human nature and how the actions of other people tend to influence how I react to their behaviors?

How can I react to adversity in a way that will better allow me to grow wiser, more resilient, and more loving?

What is my personal faith that brings me the greatest strength in times of adversity?"

Trials bring greater depth the more we dig in and take lessons out!

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