Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Day 329 The Lord is There

Exekiel 47 & 48 God proportions the land. He ends up with gates surrounding Jerusalem named after the Israelite s. the gates are seen as entrances not as an exclusion technique. We can all enter into the city where the Lord is There!
As we come nearer to Christmas we see that God now came nearer and dwelt among us. He became one of us. We don't have to go to a special place, we can meet him where we are, for he dwells among us.

God has shown himself to come nearer and nearer to the people who despise and reject him, may I not be one of them today. Amen

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  1. You wrote "He dwells among us". That is such a wonderful truth. My blog for today was about hiim giving us part of his divine nature. It is interesting how we both talked about similar subjects.

    Happy Thanksgiving.

    Shirley Fay