Saturday, August 22, 2009

Day 234 Our Afflictions and God's Atributes Psalm 102 & 103

Todays psalm is a picture of being afflicted. It describes in detail the bone crushing weight of disappointment, despair and disease. The suffering though, brings him closer to God. From the outset he cries to God and feels that He has "taken me up and thrown me aside". His personal tornado/hurricane has arrived and he feels it. He does not second guess if God is in this time of upheaval in his life. He knows God is speaking to him and he is not afraid to come closer. Here is someone who knows his God and runs deeper after Him.
Psalm 103 Shows us the benefits of forgiveness and reminds us of the goodness of God.
Using the two psalms together would be useful in helping people to acknowledge their pain and then come out of their own head by focusing on Gods attributes not necessarily their afflictions.

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  1. good word. Spiritual Tornados are not my favorite thing, but I know they are one of God's gifts to us. They can yield wonderful treasures in their wake.

    Shirley Fay