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Day 161 people we meet when we are vulnerable; motives and understanding.

There are times in life when in crises mode we need to think clearly and we would be wise to be aware of other people's agenda in the midst of a crises. Here is a snapshot of people who met David and their actions speak for themselves. Also we see David praying at the beginning and accepting the actions and judgement of God on his life.

David needed a confidant and found one after praying for one. He needed someone with access and influence. Hushai the Arkite was that person.

Hushai the Arkite
2 Sam 14:32-37 "When David arrived at the summit, where people used to worship God, Hushai the Arkite was there to meet him, his robe torn and dust on his head. David said to him, "If you go with me, you will be a burden to me. But if you return to the city and say to Absalom, 'Your Majesty, I will be your servant; I was your father's servant in the past, but now I will be your servant,' then you can help me by frustrating Ahithophel's advice. So Hushai, David's confidant, arrived at Jerusalem as Absalom was entering the city".

Ahithophel was the king's counselor, he continued in that role to Absalom the self appointed king. People who value position and power over loyalty and friendship can easily waiver and when they perceive they are slighted then the outcome can have detrimental effects on their state of mind. Later we see how he dealt with failure. 2 Sam 17 "When Ahithophel saw that his advice had not been followed, he saddled his donkey and set out for his house in his hometown. He put his house in order and then hanged himself. So he died and was buried in his father's tomb".

2 sam 15:1 "When David had gone a short distance beyond the summit, there was Ziba, the steward of Mephibosheth, waiting to meet him. He had a string of donkeys saddled and loaded with two hundred loaves of bread, a hundred cakes of raisins, a hundred cakes of figs and a skin of wine.The king asked Ziba, "Why have you brought these?" Ziba answered, "The donkeys are for the king's household to ride on, the bread and fruit are for the men to eat, and the wine is to refresh those who become exhausted in the wilderness."The king then asked, "Where is your master's grandson?" Ziba said to him, "He is staying in Jerusalem, because he thinks, 'Today the house of Israel will restore to me my grandfather's kingdom.' " Then the king said to Ziba, "All that belonged to Mephibosheth is now yours."

Later we find out that Ziba was deceitful in his representation of Mephibosheth; his intent and character.

2 Samuel 19:26-29 He said, "My lord the king, since I your servant am lame, I said, 'I will have my donkey saddled and will ride on it, so I can go with the king.' But Ziba my servant betrayed me. And he has slandered your servant to my lord the king. My lord the king is like an angel of God; so do whatever pleases you..."

Shimei son of Gera
2 Sam 16:5&6"As King David approached Bahurim, a man from the same clan as Saul's family came out from there. His name was Shimei son of Gera, and he cursed as he came out. He pelted David and all the king's officials with stones, though all the troops and the special guard were on David's right and lef".

The accusation of Shimei was correct, but he may not have applied the term murderer to the same events as David would. I can see that David would recognise the term "murderer" in his dealing with Uriah and not Saul and his family. David shows us a humilty in the overall truth and doesn't get defensive about the exact details.
David is a man who knows where he stands with his God and that is all that matters.

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